Barbra Streisand’s Lives Inside the Real Barbie Dream House


The recent Barbie movie was fun because it brought many of the doll’s iconic accessories to life. None was more iconic than the Barbie Dream House that Margot Robbie’s character lived in. It’s the kind of home girls everywhere dreamed of one day having, but now that those girls are all grown up, most have to settle for fantasizing about that dream house from their much simpler homes.

However, when you’re as rich and famous as Barbra Streisand, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a home. And she has chosen a Malibu home that we’re pretty sure would even make Barbie jealous. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover all the dazzling details of Streisand’s extravagant home!

Living in paradise

One of the reasons we can’t help but compare Barbie and Barbra Streisand has to do with where the celebrity decided to settle down. Way back in 1971, the Malibu Barbie toy forever linked this iconic doll with living large on the West Coast. Now, it seems like Streisand has decided to follow in the doll’s footsteps!

Streisand and her husband (fellow famous actor James Brolin) live in Malibu, California. They bought the home back in the ‘90s, and even back then, it was already the kind of home most of us would kill for. In the decades since then, she has poured plenty of time, energy, and love into making one of the world’s best homes even better.

Plenty of rooms with a view

Many consider Malibu to be paradise on Earth because of beautiful sights like the Pacific Ocean. When Barbra Streisand was searching for the perfect home, she wanted a place that would let her take in the majesty of the ocean. Accordingly, she doesn’t just have a room with a view…she has plenty of them!

Streisand’s 10,485-square-foot mansion has a whopping eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. If that’s not enough, it also has multiple guest houses, which is perfect when she or Brolin want to entertain friends and family while still maintaining their own privacy. In addition to the main housing area, Streisand’s sprawling estate includes a barn, a mill house, and even a special structure she has simply dubbed “Grandma’s.” 

Barbra Streisand’s secret to keep from becoming a hoarder

Most of us live in much smaller homes than Barbra Streisand, and if we’re not careful, our homes can quickly get cluttered. You might not think Streisand would have such a problem given that she has so much square footage. Nonetheless, both she and James Brolin love to collect things like art, and they’ve had to take measures to ensure they don’t end up becoming hoarders.

As Streisand dished to Architectural Digest, she believes that “If you’re not going to use something, you have to let it pass on, go on its way, and live a life with somebody who will appreciate it.” Honestly, this is a good philosophy for all of us, and it’s cool to see that Streisand has embraced her own inner Marie Kondo to keep from becoming a hoarder.

A colorful home, inside and out

Perhaps the biggest joy of owning your own home is getting to customize how it looks, including the color scheme. Barbra Streisand ended up making some very surprising choices when it came to the coloration of her home’s exterior, and those choices ended up affecting the look of the interior as well.

For the exterior, Streisand carefully weighed making it burgundy or making it gray before she decided to go with both colors: half of the sides are gray and half of the sides are burgundy. As for the interior, there are only two color ranges: black and gray as well as burgundy and pale rose. And everything in these rooms (right down to the colorful candy wrappers) perfectly matches Streisand’s carefully chosen color scheme.

James Brolin’s dedicated rooms and Barbra Streisand’s secret mall

So far, we’ve been focusing on Barbra Streisand’s decorating decisions for her home. While she’s definitely the one in control of the home’s stylish interior and exterior, there are entire sections of this sprawling mansion that James Brolin is in control of. This includes his workshop, his bathroom, and his office.

However, one of the biggest areas of the home is largely hidden from view. It mostly belongs to Streisand, and this room helps her neatly avoid that hoarding problem we touched on earlier. Where does this legendary singer put the various collectibles and memorabilia she doesn’t have enough room for in the rest of the house? In her secret mall, of course!

Streisand has transformed her basement into a mall, complete with entire streets full of special “shops” that she personally designs and decorates. In addition to helping the celeb create killer displays of her most precious items, this hidden mall simulates the experience of a trip to town without her having to even leave the property.

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