Goldie Hawn Unrecognizable After Bad Facelift?


For Hollywood celebrities, fame can often be a double-edged sword. On one hand, a string of hit movies can transform an actor into a household name whose great beauty is known all around the world. On the other hand, fans are often shocked when they see a candid photo of their favorite celebs and they look absolutely nothing like they looked in their most famous roles.

The stars understand this, of course, which is why so many of them resort to plastic surgery in an effort to retain the beauty that helped make them famous. Sometimes, these procedures are perfect and you can barely tell they had any work done. Other times, though, the procedure is so bad that hardly anybody can recognize the star.

Sadly, this recently happened to Goldie Hawn. What does she look like now, and what could have gone so wrong with her own plastic surgery? Keep reading to find out!

A very natural beauty for decades

In retrospect, the saddest part of Goldie Hawn getting any kind of plastic surgery is that she has looked amazing for decades. She rose to fame thanks to her successful roles in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and nobody expects the 77-year-old actor to look exactly like she did back then. But most can agree that she still looks absolutely radiant in most photos from recent years.

That’s especially true when she’s standing next to longtime romantic partner Kurt Russell. He never had a problem settling down and starting a family with an older partner, and he most certainly doesn’t mind looking his age. Together, they were icons of natural beauty, but that all changed thanks to Goldie Hawn’s decision to get a facelift.

The former poster child for natural living

A very ironic thing about Goldie Hawn’s decision to get plastic surgery is that she was formerly the poster child for natural living. This is most evident with her hair: according to this star of First Wives Club, she has never actually dyed her hair, choosing to simply rinse it regularly rather than use any chemicals.

Skipping out on coloring her hair is quite impressive, especially now that Hawn is in her golden years. Many had assumed her commitment to natural hair color might extend to keeping the rest of her body just as natural. But she made the decision to get plastic surgery, and it looks like her famous face may never be the same again.

Goldie Hawn shocks Manhattan with her bad facelift

Goldie Hawn had been laying relatively low, so it had been a while since fans got a good look at her face. That all changed when she was sighted walking around New York City. And there’s no gentle way to say this, but she looks absolutely nothing like she did before.

In this photo, the actor seems to be letting out a big sigh. The effect makes it look like she is doing the world’s most intense “duck face.” Honestly, the image was so shocking that we had to triple-check that it wasn’t generated by AI!

Betrayed by her own skincare routine?

Another grim irony regarding Goldie Hawn’s decision to get a facelift is that she previously had an amazing skin routine that clearly worked wonders for her. The routine was relatively simple: she used sun guard in the morning, drank lots of water, ate plenty of oil-based foods, and applied some facial creams at night. These techniques were obviously effective because, as we noted before, Goldie Hawn has always been considered one of the greatest beauties in Hollywood.

Why, then, did she decide to ditch the skincare routine in favor of getting a facelift? We can only speculate, but the likeliest reason is that she felt the need to keep up with the young actresses that keep cropping up in Hollywood. There are more of them every year, and Hawn may have felt the need to keep up. Tragically, though, the end result is that she may have sacrificed her amazing beauty once and for all.

What causes facelifts to go bad like this?

One of the most common misconceptions about plastic surgery is that things like bad facelifts are actually a product of someone going to a cheap surgeon. We don’t know the details about Goldie Hawn’s procedure, but considering that she has been wealthy Hollywood royalty for decades, we doubt she cheaped out on her doctor. That brings us to the big question: what causes facelifts to go bad like this?

Generally speaking, there are two possibilities. The first is that something simply went wrong with the procedure: this can happen with the most experienced and most expensive plastic surgeons, and it may very well have happened to Hawn. The second possibility is that she might have given the surgeon instructions to make her look a certain way (say, to look more like a younger actress) and neither the celeb nor her doctor had any way of knowing how bad the results would be.

Either way, we’re sympathetic: who among us hasn’t messed up trying to bring out the best in ourselves? As for Hawn, we hope she knows that she doesn’t need any further plastic surgery…to her legion of adoring fans, she has always been perfect, inside and out. 

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