How a Full Body of Tattoos Kept This Model From Finding Work


Think back to the most impressive tattoos you’ve ever seen. Did the person have a full sleeve, or maybe two sleeves of ink? Or maybe a really impressive tattoo discreetly located under their jeans or shirt sleeve?

Trust us on this: whatever ink you’ve seen in person, it pales in comparison to the tattoos on Amber Luke’s body. She’s an Australian model that has actually covered 99 percent of her body in ink, and this has changed her life forever…and not always in a good way!

What’s the story behind all this ink, and what has it done to Amber Luke’s life and career? Keep reading to find out!

Blunt talk about how the ink kept her out of work

When someone has extensive tattoos all over their face, it’s natural to wonder if this has kept the person from getting work. And we were especially curious how this might have affected Amber Luke: she’s a model, so it’s fair to say that her face is effectively her meal ticket.

And in an interview with Australia’s Robin, Terry & Kip radio show, she didn’t mince words about how the ink has hurt her job prospects. Without getting into too many gory details, she said that her many tattoos have “limited” her employment options. However, she isn’t too discouraged, stating that she doesn’t want to work for any employers who are so “shallow-minded” that they wouldn’t employ her due to the tattoos.

How much did her tattoos cost?

It’s an open secret that tattoos aren’t cheap. Therefore, the more ink you have, the more you have paid for the privilege. With that being said, it’s natural to ask a simple question regarding Amber Lake: just how much did all those tattoos cost?

As you might have guessed, Lake sunk quite a bit of her money into all these striking designs. In fact, she spent nearly $250,000 for the privilege of looking like this. That’s a lot of money to, well, most of us, but when it comes to changing your entire look, it’s difficult to put a price tag on looking like a living dragon!

Facing tattoo backlash wherever she goes

We’ve already touched on the fact that Amber Lake faces some major tattoo backlash when she goes to apply for new jobs. Most employers dismiss her based solely on her appearance. Unfortunately, the backlash that Lake faces isn’t limited to what the would-be employers are dishing out.

In that same interview, Lake was equally blunt about the kinds of backlash that she faces from random people on the street. She mentioned that people will come up to her in public and say that she is ugly or, worse still, that “you’ve ruined herself.” These are points of view rooted in trying to control how others look, and we’re happy that Lake has managed to reject these shallow criticisms in favor of what makes her happy.

Did getting the tattoos hurt?

Most people have never had a tattoo before. Therefore, when they encounter someone with ink, they are likely to ask about how much getting those tattoos hurt. Considering that Amber Lake has so many tattoos, it’s only natural to wonder how much getting all those tattoos caused the model major pain.

According to Amber Lake, some of her many tattoos were more painful than others. This is particularly true of her eye tattoos that involved penetrating her eyes with ink. She would later compare the feeling of this to rubbing glass in her eyes, and the entire process required her to do this four times to each eye. In other words, quite painful, but she’s not afraid to suffer for her art.

The body modification didn’t stop with the tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, many people just get some ink (or more than a bit of ink) and call it a day. With Amber Lake, though, it’s fair to say that her extensive body modification didn’t stop with the tattoos all over her body.

Over the years, Lake has gotten butt lifts and breast implants. While some of these procedures are dangerous (especially the butt lifts), Lake sees this as an important step in becoming the person she always dreamed of being.

A well-deserved nickname

As you might expect, it’s impossible to change so much about your personal experience without getting the occasional unflattering nickname. And when it comes to Amber Lake, the nickname that everyone eventually used to refer to her was quite fitting: “dragon girl.”

It’s the kind of nickname that many women would have rejected. However, Lake is someone that has modified everything from her teeth to her eyes after dragons. If she looks otherworldly, it’s by design, and we can’t wait to discover how she applies her cosmetic expertise in a way that makes her look like a strong and confident female power player to the many people she deals with on a day-to-day basis.

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