Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Is Now Dating His Friend. Will You Recognize Him?


The more you keep track of celebrity culture, the more you realize a simple truth: the actual lifestyles of the rich and the famous are often far more interesting than their onscreen performances. For example, we had to wait forever to get confirmation that Kevin Costner had left the cowboy drama Yellowstone. Meanwhile, his longtime marriage heading into the sunset with an unexpected divorce kept us engaged and surprised at every turn.

After Kevin Costner’s wife Christine Baumgartner served the celeb with divorce papers, it turned his life upside down. He ended up seeking love in the arms of another celeb, and as for Baumgartner, it looks like she found love in the arms of Costner’s friend. Just who is she with now, and just how hard did Costner’s marriage hit the rocks? Keep reading to find out!

A surprising and messy divorce

Previously, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner had been married for 18 years. By all accounts, it was a very happy marriage. Because of that, we were as surprised as Costner when his wife served him with divorce papers last year.

Unfortunately for gossip lovers, we don’t know if there was any one thing that dissolved the marriage or if Baumgartner simply fell out of love with her celebrity husband. The official reason for their divorce is simply “irreconcilable differences.” We do know, however, how Costner dealt with this bombshell news from his wife, and it might be enough to make this onscreen hero look like a villain to his biggest fans.

Nasty fallout from the divorce

After she served him with divorce papers, it didn’t take long for Kevin Costner to kick Christine Baumgartner out of the home they share together. She didn’t exactly go quietly into that good night: her celebrity husband had to invoke a clause in their prenuptial agreement to effectively force her out of the family home.

However, it seems like Baumgartner may have gotten the last laugh. Not only does she seem to be dating a new hottie (more on that very soon), but she got some serious child support from her husband. Now, Costner must pay a cool $63,209 per month as child support in order to financially support the couple’s three children.

Kevin Costner rebounded with another celeb

In certain ways, celebrities are just like the rest of us. For example, after Kevin Costner got dumped by his wife, he wanted to seek romance again soon afterward. It didn’t take too long for this major film star to rebound in a big way!

Last year, Costner was seen going on what appeared to be a romantic Caribbean getaway with the famous singer Jewel. Those who personally saw the couple described them as intensely flirty, and each one seemed to make the other light up.

Don’t worry about Christine Baumgartner, though: it seems like she, too, has found someone else who lights her candle!

Costner’s ex may have found love again

As her divorce from Kevin Costner unfolded, Christine Baumgartner didn’t seem interested in finding love again. However, months after everything was finalized, she has had multiple exotic outings with Josh Connor, a wealthy and well-known financier.

Last year, the two took a summer vacation to Hawaii that sounded quite romantic, but Baumgartner testified during her divorce proceedings that she and Connor weren’t a romantic item. More recently, she has been seen dropping Connor off at his home in Santa Barbara, and many (including us) believe these two have been continuing a discreet relationship for much of the past year.

The surprising connection between these two men

On the surface, there isn’t much scandal regarding Christine Baumgartner rebounding with a wealthy hunk. It’s what people do after they break up: move on. However, we were absolutely floored to discover the surprising connection between her new boyfriend and her ex-husband!

It turns out that Josh Connor used to be Kevin Costner’s neighbor and the two used to be close friends. This allowed Connor and Baumgartner to meet and, eventually, to fall in love. The two men aren’t friends any longer, but we’re willing to bet Costner now wishes they were never friends in the first place!

Is the new guy a sugar daddy?

Christine Baumgartner and Josh Connor may have been just friends before, but these days, she sees him as her knight in shining armor. That’s only fitting, then, because during her dramatic divorce from Kevin Costner, Connor managed to save the day in a big way.

During her divorce proceedings from Costner, Baumgartner’s attorney verified that Connor had loaned her $20,000 last summer in order to help out with various expenses. It’s a nice gesture for a friend in need, but now that the two seem to be a couple, we’re wondering if Connor is basically a sugar daddy. 

Honestly, when rebounding from a famous celeb, you could do a lot worse than landing a friendly sugar daddy!

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