More Stunning Transformations That Made Your Fave Celebrities Almost Unrecognizable


While all the wealth and fame likely help them handle everything, we often think it must be weird to be a celebrity. After all, a celeb’s success is tied to their brand, and their brand is tied to their appearance. Whether it’s risky plastic surgery or something as simple as a haircut, any little change risks making celebs seem unrecognizable.

Nonetheless, some celebs have made some stunning transformations over time. Some were for the better, some were for the worst, and when the smoke cleared, none of these famous faces looked much like they once did.

Wondering if any of your favorite celebrities made the list? Keep reading to discover our favorite transformations!

Ariana Grande

It feels like a lifetime ago that Ariana Grande was a Disney Channel star. Back when she starred in Victorious, she looked like this image on the left: long, dark, and curly hair which completes the entire “girl next door” vibe she was going for.

Now, Grande has largely given up the acting in favor of focusing on her musical career. She’s become a chart-topping legend and completely changed her look: now, it’s all about lighter locks, a high ponytail, and perfect makeup. We can’t deny she looks great, but we also can’t deny she looks nothing like she once did.

Kylie Jenner

Obviously, this list is composed entirely of celebrities who made big decisions to change their appearance. But there are few celebs on the entire planet that have managed to change their aesthetic more completely or totally than Kylie Jenner.

When the world first met Kylie a decade and a half ago, she was just a quiet and unassuming California teen, and her style reflected this. Now, Jenner is headlining her own makeup and skincare brands and has completely overhauled her look. In a way, this makes her the perfect brand ambassador for her own products because if Kylie can change her look so dramatically, there is room for just about everyone to change their appearance as much as they wanted.


We can scarce remember a time when Beyonce wasn’t taking center stage, but once upon a time, she was just one part of Destiny’s Child. And back then, she had an aesthetic that really represented the ‘90s: brightly-colored clothes and long, blonde hair.

Modern Beyonce is nothing short of a goddess, and she ditched those retro threads in favor of a modern mythic look: natural hair, big earrings, and frilly dresses. Center stage is here to stay, and if there’s ever a new way for Beyonce to stand out as a fashion icon, she’ll take it!

Miley Cyrus

As you might expect, Miley Cyrus has a lot in common with Ariana Grande when it comes to evolving styles. Cyrus was also a big name on the Disney Channel back in the day, and her time as Hannah Montana meant that long hair and conservative clothing were the order of the day.

These days, Cyrus has blazed a trail as a musical icon who has long left Mickey Mouse behind. If you doubt that, just check out her revealing clothing, killer tattoos, and stylishly short hair. In an ironic twist, Cyrus has become much like her own Hannah Montana character: someone who isn’t afraid to dramatically change her appearance at a moment’s notice.

Kim Kardashian

There’s no gentle way to say this, so we’re just going to say it: Kim Kardashian is probably the fakest person in the world. Her multimedia empire is built around a “reality” show that never shows who she really is, and that’s a show she wouldn’t have had if her old sex tape hadn’t “accidentally” gotten leaked online. And over the years, she has had so much work done that even Kim Kardashian couldn’t find her old self out of a lineup.

But that old self is here on the left in all of its plain and unadorned glory. She honestly looks just fine, but as the image on the right reminds us, it has never been enough for Kim Kardashian to just be “fine.” Now, she’s much more bougie, but the overdone modern aesthetic makes her look like what she is: a trashy person’s idea of a fancy person.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill has always been a great actor. But at some point in his Hollywood career, he kept getting shoehorned into the role of “chubby sidekick.” Not a great place to be for someone who aspires to be the leading man!

Even as he began starring in more serious films, Hill lost a ton of weight. He is now looking thinner and fitter than ever, all while rocking a beard and glasses that give him a very stately look. Honestly, he wears it well, though he really has become one of the most unrecognizable celebs on this list.

Taylor Swift

It’s difficult to remember a time when Taylor Swift wasn’t a musical megastar, but way back in 2006, she was mostly known as a country singer shooting up the charts. As a result of this, her entire aesthetic came from a country music video: curly hair and simple dresses that leave as much to the imagination as possible.

Fast forward to the present day. Taylor Swift is now known for her shorter hair, bold makeup, and cutting-edge fashion. We loved her then and we still love her now, but we can’t deny that modern Taylor would probably never so much as grab a Cosmo with her tame former self.

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