Queen Camilla’s Ex-husband Has Fallen In Love With a TV Personality. Will You Recognize Her?


There are few people in world history with quite the tumultuous love life as Andrew Parker Bowles. He was once married to Camilla, whose affair with Prince Charles led to a nasty divorce from Diana. Since then, the man has navigated new relationships and even a brand new marriage.

Since his second wife died, though, many have wondered if Parker Bowles was going to find love again. Now, it seems that he has found true love again with a television personality of all people. Just who is Parker Bowles’ new love interest, and how did they get together in the first place? Keep reading to find out!

Being at the center of the world’s most famous affair

As we noted before, Andrew Parker Bowles is someone who became a household name for the worst possible reason. He was married to Camilla Parker Bowles for 22 years, and in a perfect world, they would have been able to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, Camilla began having an affair with then-Prince Charles; when knowledge of this affair became public, Andrew was rather reluctantly dragged into the spotlight.

The marriage lasted longer than most imagined it would. However, it seems clear that this marriage was destined to implode thanks to the unfortunate fact of Camilla falling in love with Charles. Unfortunate for Andrew, that is…for Camilla, that affair has transformed her into the Queen of England!

Going his separate way from Camilla

At the time, it was fairly excruciating watching the marriage between Andrew and Camilla Parker Bowles crumble. By the time they finally divorced in 1995, we knew way too much about the failures of their relationship. For example, while Camilla is primarily known for her legendary affair with Charles, Andrew was engaging in his own set of affairs, frequently cheating on Camilla.

After the divorce, it didn’t take him very long to move on. Less than one year later, Andrew Parker Bowles was married to his second wife, Rosemary Dickinson. Camilla wasn’t quite as lucky…even though the whole world knew that she and Charles were in love, they waited a decade and got married in 2005.

Becoming a widower

Unfortunately, Andrew Parker Bowles’ second marriage didn’t last as long as he had hoped. His wife in 2010, leaving him as a grieving widow. Most assumed that grief was very keen because Parker Bowles didn’t seem like he was in any kind of hurry to find a new relationship.

In fact, that was his status for many years. While Camilla got most of the spotlight thanks to her marriage to Charles, there was always intense media scrutiny on Andrew, with everyone wondering if he was eager to marry a third time. Until recently, however, he seemed as if he was content to live the quiet life of a widower.

Falling in love with a television personality

When news came to light about Andrew Parker Bowles dating someone new, the first thing that surprised us was that he was dating a TV personality. Considering how private he has lived his life, it was interesting to see that he wanted to date a celebrity. Especially this celeb: Parker Bowles is dating Anne Robinson, best known as the host of The Weakest Link.

There were rumors that these two had started dating last year, but nothing was ever confirmed. Recently, however, she was asked about their relationship during an interview. To the question of whether she was dating Parker Bowles, Robinson simply replied “Yes. Full stop. Mind your own business.”

Attempts at keeping the relationship private

One thing that is true of both Andrew Parker Bowles and Anne Robinson is that they want details about their relationship to stay under wraps. So far, so good: for example, all we really know about how these two got together is that they met last year at a luncheon hosted by some shared friends.

We don’t know who these friends are, but we know that Parker Bowles and Robinson immediately hit it off. They soon began dating, but they have done a good job of not drawing attention to their relationship. That has helped these two live a quiet life of romance and relaxation.

Living a quiet life together

Right now, both Andrew Parker Bowles and Anne Robinson live in the Cotswolds in England. They still have those shared friends, which has likely helped them enjoy social functions without flaunting their relationship with the world.

However, we can’t help but wonder if Robinson confirming their relationship status with the world is a sign that they may be going more public with their relationship. Both of them are celebs, especially in England, and they likely can’t hide from the world forever. Given how much the public likes these two as both individuals and as a couple, they may very likely embrace a more public relationship in the near future.

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