See Kelley Clarkson’s Weight Loss Transformation


Kelly Clarkson is one of the most fascinating celebrities in the world. Since her big breakout, she has consistently created some of the catchiest tunes we’ve ever heard. One thing that has been less than consistent, however, is the singer’s weight, which has extremely fluctuated from one year to the next.

Lately, Clarkson has been shedding pounds like crazy, and she’s looking better than ever. But how has she transformed herself over the years, and what’s the secret behind her current weight loss? Keep reading to find out!

Her big break

Every superstar has to start somewhere. For Kelly Clarkson, her big break was emerging as the winner of the inaugural American Idol season. She clearly looks fantastic in this 2002 photo, but she later revealed that even back then, people claimed she was fat compared to other contestants.

Dealing with hidden health issues

In this 2006 photo, Kelly Clarkson looks positively radiant. Inside, though, she was waging a very intense battle. She later revealed that she was diagnosed with both a thyroid problem and an autoimmune disorder, and this required medication which caused her to lose weight.

Dealing with weight fluctuations

By 2012, Kelly Clarkson was more open about her struggles with fluctuating weight. She obviously didn’t like all the tabloid headlines that her weight generated. However, Clarkson became a role model to women everywhere when she openly discussed that her own happiness and mental health were more important than what others thought.

The pregnancy weight is real

While Kelly Clarkson had been dealing with weight fluctuation for years, she generally did a good job of keeping the pounds off by focusing on diet and exercise. However, she couldn’t keep pregnancy from adding pounds, and she looked at her heaviest in 2016 after giving birth to her second child with now ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. This led to negative tabloid headlines and online trolls’ comments, but Clarkson remained fearless in reminding critics that her weight had no impact on her talent.

Losing those extra pounds

Only two years after having her second child, Kelly Clarkson had managed to lose a whopping 37 pounds. She said this was because of the lectin-free diet she was following and that she mostly focused on losing weight due to the aforementioned thyroid problem and autoimmune disorder. While many praised this as a return to form for the famous singer, she would always remind fans and haters alike that someone’s happiness is not contingent on how skinny she is. In fact, Clarkson claimed she was often happier when she was heavier.

Losing the husband and losing the pounds

By March of 2022, Kelly Clarkson had, sadly, divorced her husband. One year later, she looked like she had lost even more weight. We’re not sure if she wanted to flaunt what her former hubby was missing, but nobody could deny that she was now looking better than ever.

Perfecting the casual look

In October 2023, Kelly Clarkson took to social media to discuss her recent work with Audacity. It was tough for anyone to focus on that, however, once they got a good look at this successful singer. She looked thinner than she had in years and managed to look impossibly cute in a pair of overalls over a comfy t-shirt.

This vampire doesn’t suck

When Halloween of 2023 rolled around, Kelly Clarkson decided to show us a bit of her wild side. On her hit show, she appeared as a vampire, and it’s clear that she went the extra mile. In addition to her monstrous fangs, Clarkson wore some killer eye makeup and a gothic wardrobe that would make Dracula proud.

Leaving us on red

In November 2023, Kelly Clarkson attended the SiriusXM Next Generation: Industry event out in New York City. Halloween had come and gone, so the celeb had to put away that dark red eye makeup. She still channeled her vampiric bloodlust, though, with a red suit that made her look…well…red hot!

The ultimate Christmas present

Fall of 2023 was Kelly Clarkson’s time for awesome outfits. After absolutely eating for Halloween and the SiriusXM event, she appeared at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony. It looks like she was hoping for a white Christmas based on her all-white wardrobe. And with Clarkson looking this good, who could ask for a better present?

Weight loss secrets revealed

As Kelly Clarkson kept losing weight, everyone had the same question: what’s her secret? Previously, the singer claimed she just did simple secrets like walking more and eating healthier. In May of 2024, however, she admitted that she was also using a weight loss drug. She didn’t reveal its name, though, beyond insisting that it wasn’t Ozempic. Drug or no drug, however, the weight loss results certainly speak for themselves.

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