The Hottest Volleyball Players From Around the World


When you start to think about some of the sexiest people you know, it’s only a matter of time before you start thinking about athletes. After all, these are people who constantly keep their bodies in tip-top condition. Is it really any surprise that those rocking bods often end up turning us on?

Similarly, it’s no surprise that volleyball players are often so sexy. This is one of the most physically demanding sports, and the players need to be just as adept at quickly running on sand as they are at spiking the ball over the net.

That got us thinking, though: just who are the hottest volleyball players from around the world? We put together the definitive list…keep reading to discover the hottest athletes to ever hold a volleyball!

April Ross

April Ross isn’t just any volleyball player: she’s an Olympic athlete! She represented Team USA at the 2020 Olympics and kicked so much ass she took home a gold medal.

As far as athletes go, this 41-year-old player is considered a relatively older player. But Ross is here to prove that age ain’t nothing but a number as she continues to be one of the hottest volleyball players in the world!

Gabrielle Reece

Speaking of age having no apparent impact on beauty, Gabrielle Reece is a former player who seems to completely defy the aging process. Back in the day, she was an indoors volleyball specialist, and she didn’t let age take her away from the game. These days, she serves as a sports presenter rather than an athlete.

That means we get to see a lot of Reece on TV, and every single time, we are stuck with a major question: has she aged? Like, at all? Reece has maintained a beautiful body and an absolutely hypnotic smile, and we’d honestly like to learn her secrets to looking so young for so long.

Winifer Fernandez

We don’t always associate athletes with influencers, but some of them have managed to really blur the line. One such athlete is Winifer Fernandez, a Dominican volleyball player who earned plenty of buzz for her very aggressive playing style during the 2015 FIVB World Tour.

While that helped build her early reputation, things really took off after some of her training photos and videos went viral. This helped her gain a large social media following, many of whom barely knew the rules of volleyball. Then again, when players look as distractingly beautiful as Fernandez, we can understand why someone might be more focused on the player and less focused on the ball!

Jennifer Kessy

Jennifer Kessy is another former volleyball player who loved her sport too much to really go away. Eventually, she went on to become a volleyball coach. Still, fans new and old remember her glory days as an impossibly tall woman who knew how to crush her opponents in beach volleyball matches.

Retiring from playing, however, doesn’t mean that Kessy retired from being beautiful. Thanks to social media posts where she combines a warm smile and mischievous eyes, we get regular reminders that she continues to be one of the hottest players in the world.

Samantha Bricio

You could say that young Samantha Bricio was making volleyball history almost from the beginning. She quickly became the youngest member to ever join the Mexican national team. This was a big deal, as it meant she already had the skills and competitive drive to keep up with her older and more experienced teammates.

In addition to her impressive volleyball skills, Bricio has been praised for her breathtaking beauty from the beginning as well. Her gentle smile and long flowing hair may just be enough to convince you that a goddess has decided to pick up a volleyball and start playing!

Siri Bjorkesett

There is a certain irony in Siri Bjorkesett’s career as a beach volleyball player. After hall, she hails from snowy Norway, but instead of specializing in a winter sport, she became one of the most competitive beach volleyball players the world has ever seen.

Since she hit the scene, she has captivated fans thanks to her chiseled features: from her striking Scandinavian face to her sculpted abs, this player could easily become your new “fitness goals” inspiration. Just one problem: you may find it hard to stop staring at her and start hitting the gym (hey, we can’t blame you).

Maria Stenzel

As you might expect, volleyball is a sport dominated by very tall players. That’s why the success of Polish player Maria Stenzel has been so surprising. At about five and a half feet tall, she’s much shorter than some of her teammates and most of her opponents. But that hasn’t kept this plucky player from achieving the kinds of amazing success at only 24 years old that some players don’t achieve in an entire lifetime.

In addition to being a skilled player, Stenzel is also one of the most beautiful women we have seen in sports history. From her cutely messy hair to her girl-next-door smile, she has the kind of effervescent beauty that you won’t soon forget.

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