The Insanely Fancy Lives of Kevin Costner’s Kids


Right now, Kevin Costner has been trying to get audiences excited about Horizon: An American Saga, the ambitious Western epic he has directed. Obviously, the Yellowstone star has a great love of the wild, wild West, and this film looks like a love letter to both that bygone era and cinema itself.

Even as Costner looks to the past onscreen, we’ve been looking to the actor’s own past…specifically, the lives of his children. We’ve taken a close look at how the acclaimed actor treats these kids, and we can only conclude they live the fanciest lives imaginable. If you’re not convinced, keep reading to learn all about the insanely fancy lives of Kevin Costner’s kids!

Access to dad’s private plane

Most of our insight into the lives of Kevin Costner’s children come from custody hearings with his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner. According to People, she began tearing up during one such hearing and claimed that the kids must constantly live exotic lifestyles because “is in their DNA at this point.”

One example of this is that the kids frequently take exotic trips around the world in Costner’s private plane. That actually came up in the custody proceedings because Baumgartner felt she needed to receive enough support from her ex-husband to keep these jet-setting kids in the luxury of the world travel they are now accustomed to.

Living in luxury and style

Kevin Costner has a family almost as big as his film career. With seven kids, the last thing he wanted was a small house to raise them in. Fortunately for both the father and the children, Costner’s Hollywood success has ensured that the kids have multiple luxury houses that they call home.

The main family compound is in Santa Barbara, California and gives everyone plenty of room: it has 10 spacious acres, including 500 feet of private beach access along with wild amenities like a horse-riding trail and a baseball field. The central residence is on a clifftop, offering killer views of the ocean. A similar view is available at Costner’s other beachfront house, but when the kids need a real change of pace, they can always go to Colorado.

There, Kevin Costner has a 165-acre ranch with its own amenities, including a river house, lakehouse, ice rink, baseball field (yes, another one), and more. Long story short? No matter where Costner’s kids choose to stay, they are living in the kind of luxury most of us can scarcely imagine. 

Putting his kids onscreen whenever possible

These days, there has been some mild audience pushback against “nepo babies,” the term given to children who owe their career to a famous parent. At the very least, it seems like Hollywood megastar Kevin Costner isn’t afraid of such backlash. After all, he just keeps putting his kids on the silver screen and bringing them to the red carpet.

For example, he put his two sons, Joe and Hayes, into Horizon: An American Saga. Previously, Joe appeared alongside his sibling Annie in Dances With Wolves. Annie and her sibling Lily also appear in The Postman, and Joe makes another appearance in Tin Cup.

Obviously, Costner’s life has been largely defined by Hollywood, so his kids are no strangers to red-carpet premieres. Most recently, five of the seven kids appeared at the Cannes premiere of Horizon, a movie that Costner has gambled his luxurious home on. 

The occasional father/daughter shopping spree

When he isn’t taking his children to red carpet premieres, Kevin Costner is taking his children shopping. Some of them, at least. The actor and director has revealed that his daughters love to go on shopping sprees. As for dear old dad, he enjoys making them happy by splurging on whatever they need.

Costner gave an example of this to Good Housekeeping in 2007. In his own words, “I love shopping with my daughters.” He described going to New York with his oldest daughter Annie who “was so worried about having nothing to wear because she’s just starting out on her own and she’s on a budget.” Multimillionaire Costner wasn’t exactly on a budget, and he provided an easy solution for his daughter’s woes. “We went on this huge shopping spree.”

Partying in style

Many parents worry about their children growing bored and sneaking out of the house to attend a party. Costner doesn’t really have this fear, though, because he has transformed his own home into the ultimate party palace for his kids.

The beach access means his kids can surf or fish whenever they want or just dive into the cool water on a hot day. Additionally, the actual parties at casa Costner sound off the chain. According to the Daily Mail, Costner would hold birthday parties for the kids at his place and bring in taco trucks to feed their prodigious appetites. Nothing, however, compares to Christmas celebrations.

Apparently, the actor has rented animals so he and the kids could re-enact a ride from the Bethlehem stable where Jesus was born. Oh, and he also ships in 40 tons of snow so that no matter what the weather is doing, his kids can enjoy a white Christmas each year.

All of this leaves us with just one question: is it too late to become one of Kevin Costner’s kids and enjoy this fancy life for ourselves?

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