The Most Beautiful Military Women On Instagram


When you think about the average soldier, you probably imagine a big, bulky guy kitted out in tactical gear. However, the militaries of the world are filled with women who are as stunning as they are patriotic.

Don’t believe it? Look no further than Instagram! There, beautiful female soldiers are winning hearts and minds. Here are some of the most gorgeous and popular female soldiers on Instagram.


Yinori here serves in the United States Air Force. And we’re pretty confident that when pilots talk about the “friendly skies,” they’re referring to skies filled with beautiful soldiers like her!

Her feed is filled with pictures where she is both rocking her uniform and also rocking something a bit more provocative. It goes to show that camouflage works much better than expected. In fact, that uniform was covering up quite a few curves, and we weren’t ready for the ambush when we kept clicking.

Deja Riley

Do you suffer from deja vu? After you check out these pics, your brain may frequently suffer from Deja Riley!

Riley is an Army National Guard specialist with great aim. Even outside of service hours, Riley likes to go to Camp Perry with some of her fellow soldiers to work on her sharpshooting skills. In short, she’s quite deadly, especially if you stare at her pictures for too long!

Jazzi Jessica

Perhaps no branch of the United States armed forces is more associated with men than the Navy. However, Jazzi Jessica is here to show us how women run the world over both land and sea.

On the USS Essex, she serves as an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate. In her time, Jessica has made multiple deployments to the Middle East and other areas around the world.

Still, she has found plenty of time to focus on herself. One look at her sexy pictures on Instagram will tell you that much!

Kerrin O’Neill

Ever met a woman who is a real triple threat? In that case, you need to meet Kerrin O’Neill!

In the Air Force, she serves as a combat controller. On the ice or on the pavement, she’s a major hockey fiend. And all over her Instagram feed, she is just downright gorgeous.

There is also a bit of rebellion in O’Neill. Part of her motivation for getting up in the morning is showing her fellow soldiers how a female combat controller gets the job done!

Meagan Michele

Dream of dating a woman who keeps her cool under pressure? Well, that is the most accurate description of Meagan Michele.

She serves as a combat medic in the United States Army. That would already be impressive enough on its own. But in 2015, she became the first woman to independently defuse an IED. And when her own convoy was hit by an IED, she was able to save lives while countless bullets whizzed by overhead.

Over on her Instagram feed, you might be convinced she is more of a pilot than a medic. After all, she keeps dropping one hot bomb of a picture after another.

Amanda Greenbay

Speaking of hot pilots, Amanda Greenbay served as a pilot and lieutenant in the United States Air Force. She helped dismantle many stereotypes and showed that a female pilot can get the job done just as well (if not better) than her male counterparts.

Once she got out of the Air Force, Greenbay hit the ground running. In fact, she became a professor of management at Arizona State University’s Wrigley Global Institute of Business Leadership.

That shouldn’t be a surprise since Greenbay knows her to manage her brand. From breakout pilot to professor and even national spokesperson for women in the military, she is an inspiration to us all.

Michelle Martinez

Michelle Martinez is living proof you can be both a hot woman and a hot soldier. She is a veteran of the Middle East, a loyal Navy soldier, and even a member of the highly-competitive Navy SEALs.

She has some pretty gnarly skills, including teaching soldiers how to defend their overseas bases from attack. And her ample experience in combat zones makes her perfect for this task.

If nothing else, it’s worth visiting Martinez’s feed because we can honestly saw nobody has ever seen a Navy SEAL look so cute!

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