The Strangest Things Celebs Were Caught Doing On Camera


Actors and musicians are paid big bucks to give killer performances that are immortalized by cameras. Once those cameras stop rolling, though, the celebs’ real side comes out. And in many cases, what they get busted doing ends up being far more entertaining than their movies or albums.

That may seem like a big claim, but we brought the receipts. Keep reading to discover the absolutely strangest things celebs were caught doing on camera!

Taylor Swift is apparently too hot for fire to bother her

Could musical legend Taylor Swift secretly be the Khaleese from Game of Thrones? Normally, we wouldn’t think so…at least, until we saw this moment where the singer reached for an outdoor propane torch and then touched the insanely hot flame with her bare hands.

What helps make this perplexing moment so charming is that you can clearly see Swift looking around first to see if there will be any witnesses for what she’s about to do. Half a decade later, she would acknowledge the crazy moment, telling fans via Tumblr that “This was the day I learned fire is hot” along with a facepalm emoji.

Sarah Ferguson puts her foot down…into her boyfriend’s mouth

These days, Royal Family member Sarah Ferguson (better known to many as “Fergie”) doesn’t cause many major scandals, though her ex-husband Prince Andrew certainly made waves when the public discovered his connection with deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. But once upon a time, Fergie was up to her (ahem) feet in a fairly intimate scandal with a different gentleman altogether.

When she went on vacation in St. Tropez with her financial advisor John Bryan, photographers snagged photos that apparently showed Bryan lifting Fergie’s foot up to his mouth. Tabloids ran with this as proof that Bryan and perhaps Fergie herself had a foot fetish. Years later, after The Crown brought this incident to public attention once again, Bryan would claim they were just doing some Cinderella roleplaying to amuse Ferguson’s two children. We’ll let you decide whether that’s a reasonable excuse or just a polite cover.

Taika Waititi making out with two celebs

Taika Waititi has been having a moment for years now, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon. He starred in movies like What We Do in the Shadows and directed hit films like Thor: Love and Thunder. And it was while filming that movie that he discovered being the director has some major benefits!

The Tabloids like the Daily Mail ended up publishing photos showing the director getting cozy with two women: musician Rita Ora and Marvel star Tessa Thompson. The gals kissed each other and Waititi kissed the gals. He briefly got into trouble with some Marvel execs, but it all worked out: not only did the director release his film on time and maintain a great relationship with Thompson, but he ended up marrying Ora about one year later.

Justin Bieber urinated in a bucket

Justin Bieber has had a number of strange scandals over the years. When it comes to what he got caught doing on camera, though, it arguably never got stranger than the time he was recorded urinating into a bucket.

TMZ dropped the dirty details, featuring footage in which Bieber and his buds left a New York City nightclub via the kitchen. The bad boy was busted peeing into a mop bucket, and one of his friends told him “That’s the coolest spot to piss. You’ll forever remember that.” We’re not sure how well the singer remembers what he did, but we’re pretty confident the world will never forget this insane moment.

The future King of England was caught peeing on a fence

It’s not exactly a secret that Prince William is the future King of England. Because of that, he has become the embodiment of the stiff upper lip. Unlike other members of the Royal Family (especially his rebellious brother Prince Harry), William is usually free of scandals…emphasis on usually.

Back in 2008, Prince William was playing a polo match when he began to feel the call of nature. He decided to take care of things in the most primal way: by peeing on a nearby fence! He didn’t think anyone could see it, but when photos of the royal, um, staff went public, they ended up crashing multiple websites due to the serious increase in user traffic. William seemingly learned his lesson, and we haven’t had any similar scandals since then.

Harry Styles drank booze from a shoe

One of the most recent celeb scandals caught on camera involved Harry Styles, and the incident took place in 2023. While touring in Perth, Australia, the singer decided to live a bit like the locals do. Unfortunately, this meant that he decided to do a “shoey,” which is local slang for drinking alcohol from a shoe (over in England and in parts of America, this is more commonly called “shoot the boot”).

This would have been gross with any shoe, but Styles went out of his way to use one of his own Adidas sneakers that he had been wearing all day. He did this in front of a live audience, and after drinking every drop, he shared his (perhaps somewhat ironic) observations with them. “I feel like a different person. I feel ashamed of myself. It feels so personal,” he said. “Such an intimate moment to be shared with so many people.”

The clip has now gone viral on TikTok…and we hate to break it to the musical icon, but “so many people” now includes the entire world!

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