The Wildest Celebrity Weight Loss Stories


There are many reasons why most celebrities remain popular, including their talents as well as their attractive physical appearance. However, there is another reason certain celebs always resonate with us, and that’s the fact that they have life lessons to help inspire us.

Simply put, it’s difficult to look at some of our favorite celebs and not wish we could be a bit more like them. Fortunately, that’s easier than you might think when it comes to one of the most difficult subjects: losing weight. Thanks to some powerful celeb weight loss stories from last year, we know how we’re going to get our bodies ready for the beach!

Ready for your own beach body? Keep reading to discover the wildest celebrity weight loss stories of 2023 and what we can learn from them!

Cillian Murphy

In Hollywood, you could say that Cillian Murphy is really having a moment. He was already a popular actor, but last year, he portrayed the title character in Oppenheimer, the Chris Nolan film that went on to earn over a dozen Academy Awards. As for Murphy, he took home the coveted Oscar for Best Actor.

Before he could dazzle us with this performance, though, Murphy had to lose some major weight. Specifically, he had to lose at least 22 pounds, and he shed that weight with the help of professional trainers as well as the costume department. That meant that after the weight came off, his clothes helped accentuate just how great his body looked!

Oprah Winfrey

One reason why Oprah Winfrey remains so popular is that audiences are able to relate to her. The legendary television host is especially relatable when it comes to a subject she understands all too well: weight loss. Instead of just hoping to lose a few pounds here and there, Winfrey gave herself a firm target goal of 160 pounds.

The last time we checked in on Winfrey, she was only seven pounds short of that target goal. What’s her secret? Fitness and diet play a major role, but Winfrey isn’t afraid to embrace the life-changing possibilities of weight management drugs. She went so far as to call them “a blessing,” which has likely encouraged her millions of audiences to reconsider their stance on these controversial prescriptions.

Kelly Clarkson

It’s easy to tell when a celebrity has noticeably lost plenty of weight because everybody (and we mean everybody) starts talking about it. That’s the case with popular singer/songwriter and musical host Kelly Clarkson: she had a nasty divorce in 2022 and decided to bound back by losing plenty of weight. She did such a great job that 2023 was dominated by headlines about how skinny she now looks.

The only negative thing about those headlines is that some skeptics didn’t think that Clarkson could have lost so much weight without plastic surgery or some other drastic measure. However, Clarkson (via her spokesperson) fired back by saying that all the singer had done to lose weight was make changes to her diet and exercise routine!


Adele’s transformation became noticeable in October 2019 when she was spotted at Drake’s birthday party. Subsequently, paparazzi captured the “Send My Love” singer displaying her new physique while enjoying time at the beach and going for walks. The 32-year-old celebrity initially maintained a low profile, but later took to Instagram to showcase her progress in a Christmas post and further displayed her transformation in a birthday picture in May 2020. Adele’s celebrity friends expressed admiration for her new appearance, which she reportedly achieved through the Sirtfood diet and the guidance of a personal trainer. Her weight loss journey coincided with her divorce from Simon Konecki in September 2019.

Park Min Young

Compared to some of the other celebs on this list, Park Min Young may not be as well-known. This Korean actor is mostly popular for appearances in TV series in her home country. International audiences are most likely to recognize her for her role in the TV series Marry My Husband.

Young might not be as famous as the other actors we have focused on, but she has a weight loss story more impressive than the rest. Last year, she lost a whopping 81 pounds for the sake of both her career and her health. Previously, she lost 22 pounds for another role. She had a professional nutritionist to help her when she went to crazy lengths to lose weight, including following a diet where the only solid food she ate was three apples a day!

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson underwent a significant transformation when she joined Weight Watchers. Through a combination of exercise and the program, the 38-year-old lost 80 pounds in 2010. Her motivation stemmed from her pregnancy with her son, as she aimed to set a positive example for him. “I wanted to set a good example for my son. Right after I had him, I began trying to change things,” she expressed in 2011. Hudson confessed that in her previous attempts to lose weight, she would deprive herself, but Weight Watchers taught her the importance of moderation. “I didn’t eat pasta, fried food, red meat. I hadn’t had pizza in 10 years! Then, about two months after my son was born, I joined Weight Watchers and learned about balance … It’s about portions and balance,” she explained.

Rebel Wilson

In 2020, Rebel Wilson focused on her “year of health.” Throughout the past several months, the 40-year-old actress has shared her weight-loss journey on social media, displaying her shrinking figure in vibrant outfits, such as a striking yellow sundress. Recently, Wilson turned heads by posing in a green bikini by the poolside, drawing significant attention and numerous “fire” emojis on Instagram. In June, Wilson revealed that her target weight goal for the year was 165 pounds.

What we can learn from these celebs about losing weight

For our money, these were the most inspiring celeb weight loss stories. If you’ve read this far, then you probably have a simple question: how can you lose all your unwanted weight like these celebs? Moreover, how can you do it without having access to world-class trainers and nutritionists these celebs have?

We’ll start with the obvious solution: the first step to losing weight is getting back to basics. You need to burn more calories than you take in if you want to lose weight, so you’ll likely need to embrace a healthier diet as well as a more active lifestyle.

Another solution is one we can take from Oprah Winfrey: while she doesn’t seem to be an active member, she still uses the Weight Watchers points system to watch what she eats. Let this be a reminder that you don’t have to spend any money to borrow a few good ideas and apply them to your own weight loss journey.

Finally, if it does fit your budget, don’t be afraid to hire the help of a good nutritionist. You don’t have to have a Hollywood budget to get professional help when it comes to losing pounds.

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