These “TrueBlue Twins” Are the Internet’s Next Big Thing


You don’t have to be a technology expert to know what really keeps the internet running. Forget about things like wifi…what really keeps us coming back to the internet each day is finding cute photos that really make us smile.

If you’ve been checking out enough cute photos online, you’ve probably encountered the so-called “TrueBlue Twins,” who are two little girls with the most striking set of blue eyes we have ever seen. Just who are these girls, though, and why are they destined to be the internet’s next big thing? Keep reading to find out!

A humble beginning for the twins

Who are the people behind these hypnotic images? The TrueBlue Twins were born as Megan and Morgan Boyd. And believe it or not, the internet didn’t know anything about them until several years after they were born.

The two girls were born on June 6, 2011, to their mother, Stephanie Boyd. She knew right away that her girls were more beautiful than average, especially after she took a deep look into those bottomless blue eyes. After a few years, she decided these twins were too cute to not share with the world, and these two experienced a kind of second birth as internet legends. 

A proud mother’s photos go viral

When the TrueBlue Twins were just shy of four years old, their proud mother could no longer keep their beauty to herself. She had been sharing some of their photos online, and before the two girls’ fourth birthday, they received an early present: viral internet fame.

Stephanie Boyd posted the twins’ photos to Instagram, which is the best social media platform for any given image to go viral. Still, we doubt she could ever anticipate just how famous her photogenic daughters would become. These days, the TrueBlue Twins have over 153,000 fans on Instagram, and it all started just because their mom had to share their stunning photos with the rest of us.

How these famous twins got their nickname

For these girls, “TrueBlue Twins” is the most perfect nickname they could be given. It’s such a perfect name, in fact, that many of the girls’ biggest fans assumed the name is something that a clever reporter or influencer came up with. However, this perfect nickname came from the last person you’d expect: their mother.

Obviously, Stepanie Boyd was well aware of her daughters’ striking blue eyes from the moment they were born. It didn’t take long for her to start referring to the girls as the TrueBlue Twins around the house and among family and close friends. When she decided to share their image with the world, she used the familiar nickname for her children. The world fell in love with that nickname, and that’s now how the girls’ legion of fans refer to these blue-eyed girls.

The twins DON’T actually have the same eyes

One main assumption that most people make about the TrueBlue Twins is that each of them must have a pair of blue eyes. After all, twins are known to have the same features, which can make it difficult for friends or even family members to identify them. Fortunately for Stephanie Boyd, there is an easy way for her to tell her children apart…if you look closely, you’ll notice that their eyes are not the same!

Look at the photos again and you may notice that only Megan has two blue eyes. Meanwhile, Morgan has one blue eye and one eye that is dark brown. So even though mom has a tendency to dress the twins in matching clothing, all it takes is a look into their eyes for her to quickly tell them apart.

Why their striking blue eyes are so rare

It’s obvious that the TrueBlue Twins have eyes that are both beautiful and captivating, but it’s not mere beauty that helped them build their fame. Instead, much of the public responded so positively to their eye coloration because it is so rare to see!

According to Travel Noire, even though blue is the second-most common eye color in the world, that coloration is extremely rare among Black people. The reason for this is that blue eye coloration is actually caused by a genetic mutation, and that mutation is far less likely to happen in a Black person. Therefore, for many of their fans around the world, the TrueBlue Twins are the first example of this eye coloration in a Black person they have seen, and everybody has been going crazy about how breathtakingly beautiful this color combination is.

Mom doesn’t want her babies growing up too fast

Given how much the internet has become fascinated with the TrueBlue Twins, many people keep asking Stephanie Boyd if her daughters are going to become models. But it turns out that mom isn’t in a hurry for her children to grow up quite so fast!

In short, mom wants these girls to grow up and discover their own path rather than walking one that has been laid out for them. Of course, given how much viral fame they have already achieved before puberty, it’s a safe bet that their future path includes runways and red carpets!

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