Wildest Allegations From the House of Kardashians Series


Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family have been a cultural mainstay for many years. They helped to pioneer the modern model of reality television star, leveraging their successful Keeping Up With the Kardashians show into an entire lifestyle brand.

Needless to say, the family has many secrets they’d rather keep close to their chest (or maybe just under Kylie’s lip fillers). But the recent House of Kardashian docuseries has set out to reveal some of the most unflattering secrets the family would rather keep hidden.

What are the wildest and most explosive allegations made about the family in this controversial series? Keep reading to find out!

What is the ‘House of Kardashians’ docuseries about?

Before we dive into the juiciest allegations against the Kardashians, we need to talk about where they are coming from. Just what is the House of Kardashian docuseries, and how does it have so much dirt regarding this famous (and often infamous) family?

The show premiered on the Peacock streaming service on November 16. In order to get past all the reality show glitz and glam, the producers interviewed many people who have been close to the Kardashians over the years. This includes friends, former business associates, and even extensive interviews with Caitlyn Jenner, former spouse to Kris Jenner.

All of this helped the producers dig up some very hot gossip regarding the Kardashians. As you might expect, most of that gossip doesn’t portray them in a very flattering light!

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was deliberately released

The Kardashians have been famous for so long that it’s easy to forget the sleazy way they became a household name. It all started when Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J was leaked onto the internet. The leak helped paint Kim as a victim even as (Paris Hilton style) the release of the tape helped make her a household name.

In the House of Kardashian docuseries, however, Ray J’s manager David Weintraub claims that both Kim and Ray J deliberately released the tape to juice their careers. On top of that, Joe Francis, the Girls Gone Wild mogul who helped them market the tape, echoed this accusation. It was Weintraub, though, who had the juicier gossip: that family matriarch Kris Jenner knew about the plans and that Kim expected her to handle any negotiations related to the tape.

Kris Jenner knew Caitlyn Jenner was trans

One of the figures often left out of the various Kardashian dramas is Caitlyn Jenner. But as the former spouse to Kris Jenner, Caitlyn was in a unique spot to learn much about how this famous family operates. Caitlyn appears frequently throughout the House of Kardashians docuseries and dropped an unexpected bombshell on us: Kris Jenner knew Caitlyn suffered from gender dysphoria before they got married.

This may not sound surprising until you realize that Kris previously claimed she didn’t know Caitlyn was transitioning until E! Executives told her so. Even Kendall Jenner had refuted this particular claim, and now Caitlyn herself has revealed that Jenner has been lying to the world about this matter.

Kris Jenner the control freak

Some of the revelations from the House of Kardashian docuseries manage to be explosive without necessarily being that surprising. For example, there have long been rumors that Jenner is the real mastermind behind the family’s rise to fame. In addition to alleging that Jenner helped orchestrate the release of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, the new series also alleges that Jenner has been an ambitious and overly controlling person for many years.

Most of this info comes from a very authoritative source: Caitlyn Jenner, former spouse to Kris. After she divorced Robert Kardashian and married Jenner, Caitlyn claims that Kris got Caitlyn to fire her manager and go all in on a public speaking business. To hear Caitlyn tell the tale, they made a great team: Caitlyn had the fame and Kris had the business savvy. Kris also insisted on something that might have raised the eyebrows of many spouses: that she be the sole person to control the couple’s finances.

Kanye West was in Kim’s life much earlier than she claimed

While Kim Kardashian has had no shortage of controversies of her own, all of that seems to pale in comparison to her tumultuous marriage to Kanye West. The two seemed happy for a time and even had a daughter together, but Kanye’s increasing antics (including everything from a failed presidential campaign to constant antisemitic statements) led to their divorce. Still, fans could always look back fondly on the early days of their relationship, which began in 2012.

Or did it? While that was the year Kanye declared how much he loved Kim in the song “Cold,” the House of Kardashian docuseries interviewed West associate Malik Yusef, and he claims the two were romantically interested in each other in the early 2000s. Ironically enough, the thing that allegedly pumped the brakes on the early romance is the same thing that would lead to their later divorce: Kanye’s public antics. Yusef claims that after Kanye’s 2005 comments about President George W. Bush not caring about Black people after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Kim had to distance herself from the singer to preserve her own blossoming career.

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