Hottest Swimsuits In Cinematic History


There are plenty of reasons to watch films: captivating stories, amazing actors, breathtaking special effects…honestly, the list goes on. However, please don’t judge us when we say that one of the things that keeps us constantly hitting the “play” button is seeing beautiful actors rocking skimpy clothing.

Needless to say, it doesn’t get much skimpier than a swimsuit. If you watch films for the same reasons we do, you’ll be excited to learn that we’ve rounded up the hottest swimsuit looks in all of cinematic history. Keep reading to discover whether your favorite actors made the list!

A Bond girl goes swimming

The James Bond film Die Another Day wasn’t the best entry in the franchise…in fact, in retrospect, we can hardly remember anything at all about that particular superspy caper. Looking back at images like this, though, we have to consider that seeing Halle Berry in a swimsuit like this completely blew our minds so much that it affected our memory. Guess we have no excuse but to put the DVD on and experience her swimsuit scene all over again!

From wearing too much to almost nothing at all

Speaking of movies that we hardly remember, Jessica Simpson played Daisy Duke in the big-screen remake of the classic Dukes of Hazzard television show. This character had always had sex appeal on the TV show, but Simpson took it to the next level when she took off her large coat to reveal a skimpy bikini underneath. Honestly, the sight of her is enough to want us to hop into our car like the Duke boys always do, but not enough (sorry, Jessica) to make us paint a Confederate flag on the top of our car.

A noteworthy bikini

When it comes to onscreen bikinis, Rachel McAdams’ garment from The Notebook isn’t the most revealing. That doesn’t keep it from being absolutely iconic, though, and the sight of this swimsuit is now burned into the brains of fans everywhere. In fact, many fans have gone the extra mile and replicated the star’s clothing as part of their Notebook-themed engagement photos!

The one where Rachel is nearly naked

More than a few Friends fans spent years hoping to see Rachel star Jennifer Aniston appear naked on film. As of this writing, that still hasn’t happened, but it came pretty darn close in the movie Just Go With It. Not only does the star show off plenty of skin with her tiny bikini, but everything is tight enough that…well, let’s just say you can tell that it was very cold when they were filming these scenes.

Kate Upton practically bursts out of her bikini

If we’re being honest, Kate Upton is a classic case of someone landing a Hollywood career based almost exclusively on how good they look. Normally, we’re averse to these kinds of shallow casting decisions, but we might have changed our minds after watching Upton rock a white bikini in The Other Woman. When someone looks this good, we understand the urge to grab a camera, start filming, and hope that enough people buy tickets to see your starlet practically falling out of her bikini.

Ashley ’tis the queen of fashion

Movies like High School Musical 2 are the last places we’d expect to find iconic bikini scenes, but here we are. In this particular scene, Ashley Tisdale is demonstrating exactly how to rock a “pretty in pink” look, right down to her stylish sunglasses. The white bikini itself looks like a superhero costume, making every layer and every detail of this film fashion instantly legendary.

A look that’s hard to forget

In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kristen Bell plays the titular character, a sexy actor whom her ex-boyfriend is doing his best to forget. When we first heard about the film, we thought the premise sounded downright laughable…who could have that much trouble forgetting someone? Once we saw Bell in her bikini, though, we had to acknowledge that someone this smoking hot is downright difficult to ever forget.

Nothing ‘shallow’ about this bikini

In 2016, Blake Lively starred in the horror film The Shallows. The movie didn’t really make much of a splash at the time, but now that we’ve seen how amazing Lively looks in her bikini, we’re going to have to go rent the film ASAP and check it out for herself. Incidentally, when someone looks this good in a bikini, it’s no wonder they caught the eye of fellow celeb Ryan Reynolds, who she married back in 2012.

When JLaw dropped jaws

Jennifer Lawrence’s career has only gotten bigger and bigger in recent years. But in 2018, the megastar found the time to star in the relatively humble film Red Sparrow. It’s another film that very few people really watched, and maybe that gave the actor enough encouragement to sport this skimpy bikini. It’s so skimpy, in fact, that this thing has more in common with lacy lingerie than it does with your average swimsuit!

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