Movie Love Scenes That Went Too Far


We sometimes refer to love scenes in films as “spicy” scenes. That’s a pretty good metaphor because a little spice can go a long way towards enhancing our enjoyment of meals and foods alike.

But as with cooking, it’s possible to add way too much spice to a movie. Instead of enhancing the flavor, these spicy scenes make movies downright unwatchable!

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Keep reading to discover our breakdown of movie loves scenes that went too far.

Observe and Report (2009)

Observe and Report is fairly notorious. That’s because this is a “comedy” where most of the attempts at humor and dark and off-putting. And those are the vibes of a very depressing onscreen “love scene” between Seth Rogen’s character Ronnie and Anna Faris’s character Brandi.

“Love scene” is in quotation marks because we see that Ronni is having sex with an unconscious Brandi. The filmmakers attempt to salvage this awful scene by having Brandi spontaneously wake up and asking Ronnie why he’s stopping. But that doesn’t change the fact that the film decided to use rape as a punchline.

Watchmen (2009)

Watchmen is a very divisive comic book adaptation. Some fans loved how director Zack Snyder recreated famous panels from the original comic. Others were dismayed at how Snyder took everything to the furthest possible extreme.

And that included a fairly gratuitous sex scene between Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II. In the comic, this was a sweet scene where the two characters (particularly Nite Owl) celebrate finding their purpose again by saving helpless people. The movie turns this into a scene right out of a softcore porno, and all while Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” plays.

Gigli (2003)

Gigili may very well be one of the worst films ever made. It is notoriously bad for several different reasons. And one of them is giving us a love scene with a truly cringeworthy catchphrase.

This weird rom-com tried to capitalize on the original relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, but the comedy always falls flat. The romance mostly falls flat, too, especially when Jennifer Lopez tries to lure Affleck to bed with the infamous phrase “It’s turkey time, gobble gobble.”

We will leave it to your imagination what she was asking him to eat. But we can all agree this has to be the worst dirty talk in film history.

Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl nearly got a pass from us because “going too far” is basically one of the driving themes of both the book and the movie. But the “love scene” between Amy (the titular “gone girl”) and her friend Desi just gets harder to watch every time.

In this story, Amy is a master manipulator who is always ten steps ahead of everyone else. She plots to kill Desi and then frame him for capturing her. All of this culminates in a scene where she brutally slices into Desi while they are in bed together.

This was certainly more than the “little death” Desi was expecting!

American Beauty (1999)

In light of allegations against Kevin Spacy, almost any love scene featuring this actor would seem a bit strange. However, even before those allegations came to light, the love scene in American Beauty was really difficult to watch.

If you don’t recall, Spacy’s character Lester spends the entire film lusting over and fantasizing about Mena Suvari’s Angela. These are wildly perverted scenes of a middle-aged man wanting to have sex with a high school girl, and they are played up for laughs. Mercifully, Lester stops things right before the two characters actually have sex, but this is small comfort when he is being creepy for the entirety of the movie.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

The 40-Year-Old Virgin is another comedy where, like with Observe and Report, many scenes are meant to be uncomfortable in order to make the audience cringe. That extends to a terrible scene in the bedroom when Steve Carell’s Andy fools around with Elizabeth Banks’ Beth.

The basic premise of the scene is that Beth is very sexually aggressive and Andy (as our titular virgin) is not. This leads to her painfully biting his lip, whipping him with a belt, and generally making sex look completely miserable. Andy’s friends eventually rescue him from the situation, and we felt rescued too because we didn’t have to watch any more of this! 

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Fifty Shades of Grey may feel like a weird inclusion on this list. After all, as the BDSM starter kit for audiences everywhere, taking love scenes too far should be at the heart of this film.

However, the movie is a turnoff for many for very different reasons. Despite its kinky rep, most of the sex is rather vanilla and disappointing. And then we get to a turning point in the plot where submissive Anastasia freaks out as rich, hunky Christian flogs her with a belt.

Considering that the previous “BDSM” in the movie was limited to Ana being tied up or handcuffed, the brutality and violence of the belt flogging make this scene shocking and dark. 

Howard the Duck (1986)

Because our current film landscape is dominated by Marvel movies, it’s tough to remember a world when Marvel movies always bombed. But Howard the Duck is a great example of such a flop. And the awkward love scene is one of the reasons this movie deserved to crash and burn.

That’s because the scene involves Lea Thompson sexually throwing herself at Howard the Duck. He rebuffs those advances, but not before we hear her talk about how she can’t resist Howard’s “animal magnetism.” The movie doesn’t actually show us any sex (thank God), but it does give us terrible flashbacks any time our phones change a certain word to “ducking.”

The Mountain Between Us

The most shocking love scene in The Mountain Between Us (2017) didn’t even make the final film at all! The romantic drama stars Idris Elba as neurosurgeon Ben and Kate Winslet as photojournalist Alex. The unlikely pair must brave a snowy mountain together after a plane crash.

The steamy deleted scene in question involves the two sleeping together in a cave. Nothing untoward happens until Elba’s character starts dreaming about making out with Winslet! It’s a bit scandalous because Winslet’s character is not only engaged, she was on the plane on the way to her wedding!

52 thoughts on “Movie Love Scenes That Went Too Far

    1. I totally 💯 loved the movie and the sex scene made it real. Both had lives at home but trauma and adverse situations stripped race, occupation and status from them. I loved the movie and not because of the brief romantic sex scene. ❤️💯

    2. I’m not exactly sure what All this HOT TALK is about …. you would expect to see some Hot & Heavy Sexual interaction going on, but nothing can be Further From The Truth.
      Trust me everyone, it’s a CROCK OF ___?_???___!! Need I say more?

  1. What are you smoking? Idris Elba is hot, and any sex scene with him in it is hot and could never go far enough. You’re clearly jealous because you either want to do a sex scene with him or you wish you were him.

      1. Not if you are in a committed relationship. My girlfriend told me I can wake her up anytime with sex. So, this is not rape if you’ve been pre approved 👍.

        1. Simon, your girlfriend said it was alright to wake her up. There is a big difference between waking someone up, and the gal waking up in the middle of the act. She couldn’t say no!
          It is rape.

    1. Exactly!* you hit it right one the nose. when will this obviously Very sexually repressed & Insecure Ding Dong individual who Used Idris Elba as a too far? Poster Child realize. that they Can’t Keep the world Sexually repressed & un- liberated Forever” (LOL!) and at those days” darling. are long gone, and Is Never Coming back. So the best thing” these sexually repressed & sexually insecure whinners, better do mate” is just Get out of they way of the Steam roller coming. & do the Rockaway, sitdown & Lean back, Lean back, Enjoy Some Hot Buttery Popcorn, and enjoy some Lexington Steele & Rico Strong videos, watch & learn. and Get” use too it!…” 😉 lol!

  2. Seems that too many have no control and are content with giving in to just anyone…….guess they feel their bodies are not worth 2 cents.

  3. Why are you maladjusted for being a j-walker inside today’s constantly changing big screens scenes…why…because we’re really accepting slower progressive ideas , & we’re saying, do as I say not as I’s okay. Don’t get caught, let nobody over hear about your obfuscation behaviors be known or become a minister versus one’s truest lifestyle….& let he who’s not a sinner ..cast the first stones onto the infidelities and fallacies enjoying hypocritical existence..

  4. I am a cuckold BBC and white women make me so hottt. Married three times, eventually all my wives had many black lover during our marriages. Often they would have a steady Bull or just date coming home with all the sordid details. Nothing is more exciting sexually! I was also a BBC cream pie eater whoosh loved it so. I think true scene could not have gone far enough got me hottt!

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  6. re: American Beauty
    I think your comment that Kevin Spacey is “fantasizing” about Mena Suvari is just plain silly. According to the dictionary the meaning of “to fantasize” is:
    intransitive verb : to indulge in reverie : create or develop imaginative and often fantastic views or ideas *doing things I’d fantasized about in my sheltered childhood — Diane Arbus*
    The basic meaning of “to fantasize” is “to believe something is true which is not true”. But American Beauty makes it quite clear that Lester and Angela (and probably Kevin and Mena) really like each other. So you sound like a fuddy-duddy who belives that a 42-year-old man being interested in a 18-year-old girl is a perversion. You say that because you believe, perhaps correctly, that such an attitude is expected of you. You might find it edifying to read the chapter on older guys + young girls in the book Falling in Love, by Francesco Alberoni, who has fun hosing down fuddy-duddies like you.

  7. The parts that make life can be seen without sex taking place. That happened in the movie White Snake part one. The dog whose name does not come to mind showed his testicles. It was nice to see them. The sheath was seen briefly. Sex did not occur. Devils get agitated when those parts are seen. It would be worse had a hand or mouth be on their phallic part. Narnia needs to be redone showing what it originally wanted to show having no age limit. No warnings.

  8. I remember seeing Howard the duck. Howard the duck has no problem being a duck even as we have no problem being a human. Howard would need a really long condom had he use one. He is a kind sensitive duck protectying they that need to be protected. Howard the Duck is honest, talking about an act that people are made to be afraid to talk about. The phrase scenes made for all audiences when that is not talked about needs to be done away with. That implies that there is somthing intrinsically wrong with nudity and sex. people are angry at God for making them. People as a result are a hating their own existence. Those parts caused them to exist. That makes their existence to be as bad as they perceive genitalia to be.

  9. This is one of the many worlds that God made. Eden was just the beginning. The new earth will be a continuation of what God started in the begginning.

  10. The love of my life who has passed away,and of course I miss him. Making love with him one night when I was sound asleep he slowly entered me. So gently that as I woke it was like a dream .this was along time ago maybe 30 plus years. I will never forget that night. I loved him so.

  11. Simon, your girlfriend said it was alright to wake her up. There is a big difference between waking someone up, and the gal waking up in the middle of the act. She couldn’t say no!
    It is rape.

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