The Five Hottest Facts About Magic Mike’s Last Dance


Certain movies can get under your skin in the most pleasurable ways. For example, if you just say the words “Magic Mike,” it may be enough to make you and some of your friends to break out into huge grins.

After all, who doesn’t love seeing Channing Tatum shake his moneymaker in one hot scene after another? The success of this franchise led to Magic Mike’s Last Dance, a movie that brings its titular character’s cinematic journey to an end.

Chances are you’ve already seen this film once (or twice or even three times…hey, no judgment!). But after you learn our hottest facts about Magic Mike’s Last Dance, you may have to immediately give it another watch!

It was tough convincing Channing Tatum to come back

If you’ve watched many interviews with Channing Tatum, you’ve probably noticed the multiple occasions when he claimed to be done with the Magic Mike character. After making the first sequel, the actor seemed perfectly content to walk away from the franchise that made him into a household name.

Why, then, did Tatum come back for a third and final film? In short, it was a team effort: director Steven Soderbergh and producer Reid Carolin teamed up to convince the talented actor that they still had compelling new stories to tell involving this character. Tatum was particularly inspired by how the Magic Mike stage shows had transformed the character and story and was excited at the chance to create a third film very distinct from the earlier movies.

The story is based on Tatum’s life

Here’s a wild fact about the Mike Lane character that you might not already know. You know why Channing Tatum is so good in this role? Simple: because he used to be a male stripper, meaning that this famous movie character is partially based on Tatum’s own experiences.

Just how did Channing Tatum become a stripper? To hear the star tell it, this was back when he had just turned 18 and was living in Tampa, Florida. While most future movie stars make ends meet by waiting tables, Tatum apparently realized very early on that he could make good money by strutting his stuff onstage.

Salma Hayek almost experienced death by lapdance

You know, many Magic Mike fans joke that they would kill to receive a lapdance from Channing Tatum. However, his Last Dance costar Salma Hayek later almost died receiving one, something that she blames the film’s complicated choreography for.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Hayek described a scene that doesn’t appear in the final cut. That scene had her upside down, and she described losing her sense of direction and almost hitting her head. Compounding the whole incident was the fact that she was worried about her pants coming off and didn’t know if she had any underwear on! 

Fortunately, Hayek survived the experience with both her life and her dignity intact.

The movie almost starred Thandie Newton instead of Salma Hayek

If you’ve seen Magic Mike’s Last Dance, then you know how difficult it is to imagine that film without Salma Hayek. However, having someone else in this important role is very nearly what happened. Originally, it was British star Thandie Newton who was going to star in this film opposite Channing Tatum.

Sadly, Newton had to step down from the role, citing that she had important “family matters” to attend to. While we would have loved to see her performance, we can’t complain too much. After all, Salma Hayek’s sensual performance in this role is one of the film’s greatest strengths.

The film ends with a 30-minute dance sequence

Surely, some of you reading this article may still be undecided about whether to watch Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Maybe you’re just not sure if the filmmakers can top the last two movies, or maybe you’ve never dipped your toes into this enticing series.

How, then, can we convince you to tune in? Here’s a powerful incentive: the final film in this spicy trilogy happens to end with a dance sequence that is half an hour long. Assuming you’re a fan of Channing Tatum’s buff body, that’s going to be one very entertaining 30 minutes!

Will Magic Mike live on?

Magic Mike’s Last Dance was intended to be the final film in the series. However, after it proved to be a hit with solid word of mouth, audiences began buzzing with the same question. Specifically, are we going to get any more films in the series?

As of this writing, there has been no news from Channing Tatum or Steven Soderbergh. However, the generally high interest level means that some serious talks might be taking place behind closed doors. Furthermore, the director has previously expressed interest in creating spinoffs of this series, so we might even get more of this universe starring someone other than Tatum.

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