Titanic Secrets Revealed By Behind-the-Scenes Photos


To call Titanic a worldwide sensation is really underselling it. This 1997 film made Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet into household names, and it had all of us singing Celine Dion nonstop. If we’re being honest, some of us are still singing “My Heart Will Go On” in the show as we think about the love story of Jack and Rose.

Because the movie came out decades ago, we thought there was nothing new left to learn. However, recent behind-the-scenes photos have helped us see this hit film like never before. What are these photos, and what Titanic secrets do they reveal? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Winslet turns heads

On paper, this is a photo that captures plenty of things: actors, film staff, and even a classic car. But what instantly commands our attention is on the insanely stylish Kate Winslet. With a face and wardrobe this pretty, it’s easy to understand why she turned just as many heads on set as she did onscreen.

The replica was huge

We love this photo because it offers a better idea of just how large Cameron’s Titanic replica really was. The replica was only 10 percent smaller than the original boat, and everyone who visited or simply saw the replica was completely stunned!

Looking cool for his director

In this photo, we can see superstar director James Cameron addressing his cast. While it’s fun to see the Hollywood legend at work, we can’t stop staring at Leonardo DiCaprio in his sunglasses. Is he simply keeping the sun out of his eyes or trying to look cool for his latest director?

A quick touch-up between scenes

It’s an open secret that actors have to look their best when the cameras are rolling. Between scenes, professionals will often touch up makeup, hair, and wardrobe as needed. In this photo, we see actor Francis Fisher getting a quick touch-up between scenes.

Young and radiant

While Leonardo DiCaprio still looks great, it’s impossible to rewatch Titanic without thinking about how young he looks. That idea is driven home by this photo in which the actor looks particularly youthful and radiant. He’s also sporting the charming smile that would help turn him into one of Hollywood’s most successful leading men.

Kicking back

Despite all the talented performers in the movie, Titanic is dominated by its two leads, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Onscreen, the two are always the height of both passion and fashion. Here, we see them relaxing on set and rocking some decidedly more casual clothing.

An unseen side of the ship

Part of what made Titanic such an ambitious movie was that James Cameron insisted on building a replica of the ship. It was for the best, though, as this helped give many scenes in the film additional authenticity. Of course, there are sides to the replica that we don’t see on film, as evidenced by this photo. 

Here, you can see the secret scaffolding holding up the replica. Later, auctioneer Andrew Aldridge would comment on how uncanny it was that this replica, right down to the scaffolding, looked like the actual ship in the Belfast shipyard in 1911.

Strolling different locations on set

As one of the leads of Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio spent a fair amount of time walking from one location to another to shoot different scenes. This particular photo captures one such moment, and we loved seeing Leo hold his head high. Just look at that youthful strut of someone about to become the world’s biggest star!

Captivated by something out-of-frame

Some of these behind-the-scenes Titanic photos left us wanting a little more. For example, this photo of Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t very flattering, largely because the actor is intently staring at something. However, who or what that might be is hidden out of frame, so we’ll never know if he was captivated by the beauty of Kate Winsley or maybe just a sandwich over at craft services.

Kathy Bates strikes a pose

Compared to some of her other roles, Kathy Bates has a more reserved performance in Titanic. However, that doesn’t mean that she can’t strike a hammy, glammy pose when the cameras aren’t rolling. In this photo, we see her posing with one of her castmates, and with her cool confidence, it’s easy to see why Bates is one of Hollywood’s most popular leading ladies.

A film full of extras

Beyond the classic wardrobe and replica ship, what really brings Titanic to life is the people. In addition to our core cast, this is a film absolutely brimming with extras. This photo gives an idea of how many extras the film has, and it also offers a challenge for fans to find Kate Winslet hidden among all the other actors.

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