The Nations Around the World With the Hottest Soccer Fans


If you’re a soccer fan, you know that these players are often much more attractive than athletes from other sports. Something about a sport involving constant movement keeps these athletes in peak form in both body and mind. And here’s the thing about a sport brimming with hot athletes: soccer simply attracts the hottest soccer fans in the world, especially at the World Cup

And we’re not just talking about their great physical beauty. Part of what makes these superfans super-lovely is the intense passion that they have for the sport. Such fans are brand ambassadors for the greatest sport in the world, and that led us to a simple question: what nations from around the world have the hottest soccer fans at the World Cup each year?

Keep reading to discover the answer and to see if your own country made the list for sexy superfans!


There were plenty of sights to see at the 2018 World Cup. We’re not just talking about the players–we’re also talking about the female fans who were so hot that they literally distracted other fans from the game.

Speaking of lovely distractions, they don’t get much prettier than Poland’s biggest fan right here. This woman is proud to rock Poland’s colors, and we can see why: not only has the country participated in seven FIFA World Cup competitions, but it also took home bronze medals in 1974 and 1982. Some fans think the country is due for a soccer comeback, and we can only hope the rest of Poland’s passionate fans are as lovely as this angelic ambassador!


Belgium often plays for keeps in the World Cup, effectively earning their nickname “The Red Devils.” The team is used to winning and fans are used to watching them kick ass. Accordingly, Belgium has some of the most frighteningly beautiful fans in the world!

This woman, for example, looks like she could kill you as easily as she could kiss you. Additionally, that kind of intense passion has been exhibited by the team very recently. Belgium took home third place at the 2018 World Cup and second place in 2022. And if their players remain as fierce as the fans, we feel confident Belgium will continue taking home win after win.


Switzerland is one of those rare countries where most of the stereotypes are relatively positive. For example, the country is associated with banks, natural beauty, and some of the most delicious cheeses and chocolates in the world. The latter seems quite appropriate when it comes to the World Cup: after all, Switzerland has some of the sweetest-looking fans in the world!

There are more of these Swiss megafans than you may think because the country has heavily invested in soccer as a kind of national pastime. Fans like these lovely ladies have plenty of players to watch, as Switzerland is home to a whopping 270,000 players and sees a staggering 10,000 soccer matches played each weekend!

United States of America

If we’re being brutally honest, the United States has often been more of an enthusiastic competitor at the World Cup rather than a serious challenge to other teams. Still, America has proven that its premier soccer team doesn’t have to rank highly in order to win over legions of fans. These fans don’t mind traveling around the world, either: during the 2018 World Cup, America purchased the second-highest number of tickets for the event behind Russia. 

These days, America doesn’t have the highest FIFA placement, but it does still have some of the most enthusiastic fans. One look at this trio of beautiful women and you can understand what that passionate American spirit is all about!


On the world stage, few countries live up to their reputations quite as much as Germany. The country is renowned for its efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. On the soccer field, Germany’s competitive nature really shines through: after winning the World Cup on four different occasions, the country knows that it has something to prove each time.

As for this superfan of Germany’s team, we don’t think she has anything to prove because her passion for the team is as clear as it can be. She attended the World Cup soccer match in 2010 and cheered for Germany as the country played against Australia. We have to admit: when the fans are as sizzling as this woman, we can see that Germany has a powerful incentive to dominate the other team.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another one of those soccer teams that has very little to prove these days. This is Central America’s most successful soccer team, playing in five different FIFA World Cup Editions over the years.

Like we said before, hot teams attract hot fans. This Costa Rica fan is certainly proof of that: when someone as smoking hot as her is waving the flag, players can’t help but salute!

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